Get ScoreCard® Rewards

Now you can see the Rewards from ScoreCard® Rewards before you enroll - Click Here

Using your PeoplesChoice Visa credit card to earn rewards with ScoreCard® Rewards is easy as 1, 2, 3.

create a profile and check out all the great awards you'll earn.

2. COLLECT REWARD POINTS - Earn one ScoreCard®
Rewards Bonus Point for every dollar you spend
using your PeoplesChoice Visa credit card.

3. ENJOY YOUR REWARDS - Redeem your points on
great stuff and savor that moment of blissful reward.

Reward yourself with Every Purchase you Make!

Your points can be redeemed for a huge collection of merchandise and travel rewards. Cardholders in good standing will be able to log in to the points-based reward program at and check on their collected Reward Point balances and redeem points. Members can also redeem points by calling 1-800-854-0790.

Want to apply for a PeoplesChoice Visa credit card?

Only PeoplesChoice cardholders in good standing are eligible to collect and use ScoreCard Rewards. And the only way to get in on the fun is to apply for your own PeoplesChoice credit card.

What is an Eligible Purchase?

Anything you buy with the card is an eligible purchase. Complete details are available at

What about my PeoplesChoice Visa debit card, is that part of ScoreCard Rewards?

This program does not apply to PeoplesChoice Visa debit card transactions. Full guidelines, rewards catalog, program rules and restrictions are available at at

Where can I get my point balances?

Your point balance will be printed on your monthly credit card statement or you can check your Bonus Point balance at