If your days are often hectic or finding the time to take care of your accounts is difficult, PeoplesChoice Credit Union offers a 24-hour, 7 days-a-week phone line to access your account. You can retrieve valuable information such as account balances and account history, or transfer funds*.

All this information is at your fingertips by dialing locally, 284-2465 or toll-free, 1-800-400-2380. You will also take comfort in knowing all personal account information and activity is accessed only with your own personal identification number.

Here is how it works:

Using a touch tone phone:

  • Dial 284-2465 locally or out of the area, toll-free 1-800-400-2380. The first time you dial, you will be asked to identify yourself with your credit union account number followed by the "#" sign.
  • Next, you will be asked to enter a 4-digit PIN or Personal Identification number, followed by the "#" sign. This is the last four digits of the Social Security number of the primary owner on your account. Please note that you may change this assigned PIN number within the menu selections. You may then enter the Menu Selections for all your account information.
  • Remember to press the "#" key only when you are instructed. When you become familiar with the system, it gets even faster by allowing you to interrupt at any point and enter your next Menu Selection. All monetary transactions are posted immediately. Check requests will be printed at the end of the next business day.

Each transaction will appear on your monthly statement as an Audio transaction.


X-PRESSLINE Menu Selections

Press the appropriate menu selection for the information you require.

  • Balance Inquiry Menu
  • Transaction Inquiry Menu
  • Transfers and Withdrawals Menu
  • Loan Payment Calculator
  • For All Other Options Menu

Account Access Instructions

To begin call, enter your account number, followed by the "#" sign, then your PIN number, followed by the "#" sign. The PIN may be changed through X-PressLine. Proceed through the menu options.

X-PressLine Suffixes

100-199 Savings (Share)
51 IRA (Regular)
61-66 Club
900-999 Term Share Certificates

Checking (Share Draft)

01-20 Loan
21 Home Equity Loan
84-99 IRA Term Share Certificates
68-69 Money Market