Our Proud Past

PeoplesChoice Credit Union is a cooperative non-profit financial institution, organized as a corporation, and chartered by the State of Maine.

Initially chartered in 1963, the credit union was founded by a group of parishioners from St. Joseph’s Church in Biddeford, who served as volunteers to the credit union.

In The Early 60's

The credit union’s offices were located in the church basement. By 1974, the offices were relocated to a new building behind the church property and with this move, the credit union became a full-fledged financial institution. Another milestone was reached in 1984, when the credit union purchased a former bank building in Biddeford to serve as the first branch office.

Up until September 2000, membership in the credit union was limited to the people and organizations sharing a common bond – parishioners of St. Joseph’s and St. Ignatius, and select employee groups approved by its federal regulator, the National Credit Union Administration. Prior to this, PeoplesChoice Credit Union’s growth was measured by additional members it acquired through relatives of the existing members, or through additional select employee groups.

In The 21st Century

PeoplesChoice Credit Union was granted a county charter from the State of Maine. Today, the field of membership now includes all people who live, work, and/or attend school in York and Cumberland County, Maine, immediate family members, organizations, and associations of all such persons.

On October 2, 2002, PeoplesChoice Credit Union opened the Wells Office location. With the addition of this new office, it allows us to bring the credit union philosophy to the southern part of the county.

In the fall of 2007, PeoplesChoice finished construction of our operations facility in Saco. The idea behind this facility is to support our future growth for many years to come and allow us to offer financial education classes for up to 100 students at a time. We have also donated the use of our building to local non-profits for meetings and events, which earned us the 2008 Biddeford-Saco Community Service Award for the generous use of our building.

In 2012 the organization made a big step in addressing the growing and changing needs of its members by closing the original Bradbury Street location while at the same time making a significant expansion of and updates to the Elm Street, Biddeford location. These changes were both exciting and at times difficult for the PeoplesChoice team, but as always, since 1963, we both faced and surmounted the challenges.

Through the dedication, commitment, and hard work of our credit union volunteers and employees, past and present, we can look back on an inspiring history of growth and service to our credit union members throughout southern Maine and beyond.

Our history is more than just financial numbers and events; it is a story of the individuals who have given unselfishly, countless hours of volunteer service to our credit union. As members, we offer a large debt of gratitude to those individuals who pioneered the credit union idea in the beginning, and the founding board of directors, and committee members who accepted unknown challenges, sharing a common dream regarding the future success of PeoplesChoice Credit Union.

What is Unbanking?

We are Not-For-Profit

Because we’re non-profit, our motivation is to line your pockets, not ours. Any profit we do make is poured back to you with no or low fees, better rates, dividend payouts and exceptional customer service.

We are Member Owned and Consumer Driven

If you are an account-holder, you are a partial owner. You have a vote. You have a voice. You have value. Our Board of Directors is made up of unpaid volunteers. There’s no incentive for greed, and no stockholders banging on our doors looking for a return on their investment. We are looking out for your best interests, not our executives’.

We Offer Better Interest Rates and Lower Fees

Credit Unions are exempt from most state and federal taxes. Combined with our non-profits status, we ensure you save the very most from each hard-earned dollar. We don’t slap you with fees because we’re not trying to boost our profits. With our no-fee, free checking and our no fee, low APR Visa Card, we help your savings grow.

We’re Convenient

With a credit union network of over 5,700 shared branches and 85,000 shared surcharge-free ATM’s nationwide, we make your unbanking – unbelievably easy.

With declining interest rates and mounting fees and penalties, no wonder so many people have made the switch from traditional banking to credit unions. You’ve worked hard for your money. Let us work hard for you.

Have you unbanked today?

PeoplesChoice Checking with SpendShield has it all.

A FREE checking account with no monthly fees, the lowest overdraft fees in Maine, and a safety net when you need it most. With PeoplesChoice Checking, you’re guaranteed the flexibility and freedom you need to keep your cash in check. Features like free mobile banking, direct deposit, and more get you what you want, when you need it.