Fraud Protection

Victim of Fraud?

Step one: Contact us at (207) 282-4156 and close any compromised accounts. Identify any additional potential fraud.

Step two: Change all passwords from a secured device.

Step three: Freeze all credit by visiting Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion’s websites.

Step four: File a report with the FTC’s website

Fraud Alerts:

1/19/24: PCU Members have reported unexpected calls about fraud on their account from a number that appears to be originating from PeoplesChoice credit union, or another financial institution. We will NEVER contact you by phone and ask you to share account information. These types of scams happen every day. When in doubt, hang up and contact our credit union directly with questions. (207) 282-4156

11/28/23:The holiday season often means an increase in scam attempts. We have heard a few reports of credit union members in the area receiving “spoofed” phone calls claiming to be staff of area institutions. These calls look like they are coming from credit unions reporting fraudulent activity. PeoplesChoice will NEVER contact you by phone and ask you to share account information. Keep your personal information private. When in doubt, hang up and reach out to our team directly at (207) 282-4156.

10/30/23: PCU members are reporting phishing calls/texts seeking card and other personal information where the scammer claims there have been large abnormal purchases associated with the account. Fraudsters are using “spoofing” technology which makes it appear they are calling from a PCU number. Stay vigilant – please hang up and call us directly if you are asked for any personal details.

8/1/23:  Due to recent ATM skimming scams, we encourage all members to utilize the new contactless feature on our ATMs at all four branch locations. While shopping or travelling, be sure to use the contactless feature of our credit and debit cards for purchases whenever possible.

6/9/23: PCU is seeing an increase in scams directing members to withdraw cash and deposit funds into Bitcoin ATMs. If you are being directed to do this, it is a scam!

How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Fraud

The most important thing to know about scams is that anyone can be a victim. Scammers use very effective tactics to appeal to your emotions rather than your intellect, so you should never blame yourself or not report a scam because you feel silly. In many cases, losses from scams increase because the victim is embarrassed or doesn’t want to admit how much information or access they gave up. If you think you have been scammed, call us (or other financial institutions) immediately and let them know exactly what information you divulged or what accounts the scammer has access to. We are here to help you protect your information and your money!

Stay Skeptical:

Always start from a place of skepticism. An odd email from an acquaintance, a text claiming to be the post office, FedEx, or UPS trying to deliver a package, or a phone call to inform you that you have a won a prize can all seem like perfectly ordinary occurrences, but these are all red flags and should be approached carefully. Below are details on how to spot common scam red flags.

What to Look Out For:

Want to report Fraudulent charges on your PCU Visa?

To create a claim on up to three POSTED fraudulent charges to your VISA Platinum Credit Card, please call the Self Service Dispute at 800.600.5249.  This service is available 24/7.  You may be transferred to an agent if you have more than three transactions or questions.  An agent is available Monday -Friday 8:00am to 8:45pm and Saturday 9:00am to 2:45pm. You can also contact PCU Payment Services Department, locally at (207) 282-4156 during our normal business hours.

Fraud Protection Resource Library

Office of the Maine Attorney General – Common Consumer Scams

NCUA Fraud Prevention – Online Security Guide

Federal Bureau of Investigation – Cyber Crime List

Maine Credit Union League – Fraud Protection

Federal Trade Commision – Online Privacy and Security Guide

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