Southern Maine's Leader in Member Value

A year of great expectations and great results!

PeoplesChoice is proud to have exceeded its 2017 performance goals in several key areas. We are one of the nation’s leading credit unions when ranked in terms of returning value to members.

Membership grew and existing members utilized more products and services in 2017, such as Online Banking, Bill Payer and Mobile Banking.

We’re proud to report that thanks to our members and the entire PeoplesChoice team, we’re heading into 2018 healthy and strong!

What is "Member Value"?

When trying to identify the elusive ideals of credit union membership Callahan looks to quantify and measure how institutions deliver back to their members with their rates, the range and efficiency of the services and how they are promoted and delivered. A credit union that rises to the top of the list are those that consistently score well across the matrix of measurement tools.

As a means to quantify credit union member value Callahan & Associates created the Return of Member (ROM) index

Credit Unions have differentiated themselves in banking by creating shared member value; but until about 10 years ago there was no way to quantify that value. With members rather than shareholders the modern credit union is a viable alternative to traditional financial service providers. Expenses are kept down at these not-for-profit organizations and they market themselves as being able to provide the best rates, services and products. The challenge comes in finding a way other than simply stating their "best value" to quantify that stated Member Value.

The ROM scoring is not and should not be considered the final word on the performance of the credit union industry or of specific credit unions. That said, it is meant to serve as an effective measure of the economic return delivered back to members when comparing credit unions with similar characteristics.

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