Direct Deposit

If you receive a regular recurring payment like a paycheck, Social Security check, retirement payment, etc., chances are likely you qualify for direct deposit and your check can be deposited automatically to your account.

With PCU Lightning Pay direct deposit, you know that your check will be in your account hassle-free the day of payment.

Lightning Pay is our way of depositing your paycheck – or other direct deposits – up to two days early! This gives you early access to your money and more flexibility with your budget.


Helpful Tips

  • The Direct Deposit Enrollment Form is used to have your paycheck directly deposited into your account. The Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form is used to have Government Agencies (Social Security, etc) benefits directly deposited into your account.
  • If you would like to have the funds deposited to your Share account, give the PCU routing number (211287515) and your member number.
  • If you would like to have the funds deposited into your checking, give the PCU routing number (211287515) and your MICR number (You will find this 12 digit number at the bottom of your checks beginning with 700). If you don’t have checks, please call 207-282-4156 to find out what your MICR number is and we will be happy to assist you
  • Setup your direct deposit today by calling, emailing or stop by any branch.

Lightning Pay

Lightning Pay is an innovative way of applying payroll direct deposits that allows members to get early access to their payroll funds. This feature will allow members who are paid by direct deposit to their PCU account(s) to receive their payroll funds up to 2 calendar days ahead of their scheduled payday.

In addition to payroll direct deposits, Lightning Pay will also apply to all other electronic deposits.

Lightning Pay – Member FAQs

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