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Lightning Pay is a new way of applying payroll direct deposits that allows members to get early access to their payroll funds. This new feature will allow members who are paid by direct deposit to their PCU account(s) to receive their payroll funds up to 2 calendar days ahead of their scheduled payday.

In addition to payroll direct deposits, Lightning Pay will also apply to all other electronic deposits.

PeoplesChoice is the only Maine financial institution offering this member benefit!


Lightning Pay – Member FAQs

How does Lightning Pay work?

Financial institutions are notified of forthcoming electronic deposits before we receive them; instead of waiting for the funds to arrive, PCU gives our members their money sooner by advancing payroll, and any other electronic deposits, as soon as we are notified that they are on the way – up to 2 days early.

When will I get my money?

Members who are paid by direct deposit to a PCU account can expect to receive their pay up to 2 calendar days ahead of their scheduled pay date.

Which members will have access Lightning Pay?

ALL members who have their payroll and any other electronic payments direct deposited to PCU accounts will automatically benefit from Enhanced Direct Deposit, no matter where you work or who your employer is.

Do I have to opt-in to this service?

No. Lightning Pay will automatically be applied to any PCU member with payroll direct deposit, and any other electronic deposits, into a PCU share account, including checking and savings.

Will there be a fee for this service?

No. PCU does not charge fees for Lightning Pay.

Does this mean that my payday has changed?

No. The day that you are paid by your employer remains the same. PCU simply advances your payroll funds so that you will be able to access them up to 2 days before your scheduled payday. This is strictly a service that is provided by PCU for PCU members; this is not a service that your employer provides or is in any way affiliated with.

Please note: While PCU will try wherever possible to advance payroll direct deposits by up to 2 days availability of funds ahead of the original scheduled pay date is not guaranteed. PCU members should not rely on Lightning Pay to satisfy the needs of scheduled bill or loan payments, or any other date-sensitive financial obligations.

Will I be able to access my payroll funds any sooner if I am currently being paid by check?

No, Lightning Pay advances the electronic deposit of payroll funds only and does not apply to checks. Any applicable standard check holds will still apply. To set up direct deposit of payroll funds to your PCU account and take advantage of this Enhanced Direct Deposit feature, simply provide your payroll department with PCU’s routing number (211287515) and your 12-digit account (MICR) number that appears at the bottom of your checks.

For additional assistance, contact Member Relations at 207-282-4156 or visit any branch location.


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