$nap Deposit

Snap Deposit image of hand holding phone taking photo of check

$nap! Mobile Check Deposit is a convenient feature of the PeoplesChoice Credit Union Mobile Banking App that makes it simple to quickly and securely deposit checks using your Apple® or Android™ device that has a camera.

Make check deposits any time, day or night
Save time by reducing trips to the Credit Union
Speed reconciliation time with online deposit history

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How Does It Work? It's A Snap...


Step One: Login- to your PeoplesChoice Mobile App on your Smartphone. 

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Step Two: Select -"Deposit" at the bottom right. (You may have to scroll down to view).

check deposit phone instructions

Step Three: Accept -  The notification which states:

  You MUST include your Acct #, Signature and the text "FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY TO PEOPLESCHOCE CU”" on the back of the check. 

Step Four: Snap - a picture of your check using the guidelines.

check deposit showing phone instructions how to take photo of check

Step Five: Approve - the amount, the account to deposit to, and at

 which email you would like to recieve the receipt. ("Email Receipt to" field may not be left blank.)

 phone deposit check example on phone

Please Note:

Deposits made before 4 p.m. EST will typically be available on the next business day.

Items deposited will not be available for viewing through Online Banking until daily processing completes.

Processing days for Mobile Check Deposit are Monday - Friday, with the exception of Federal and Maine State Holidays.