Skip A Payment

As a valued member of PeoplesChoice Credit Union, you may be qualified to participate in our Skip-A-Payment program*. Have more than one eligible loan? Skip a payment on each one. Skipping a payment is like “making a loan to yourself” and will allow you to take the stress out of your financial planning, and take charge of your budget!

It’s our way of thanking you for your loyalty, and telling you how much we appreciate your membership!

VISA ACCOUNTS: Finance charges will continue to accrue.  Monthly minimum payments will resume on your next statement.  If you are set up with auto ACH payments, the payment will still process.   


Or click here to download a printable application.

  1. One emergency skip a pay for up to 60 days  2.Loans cannot be past due at the time of request. All Mortgage, Home Equity Loans, Business Loans and Overdraft Protection are not eligible. Application and approval required for all skipped payments. All applications are subject to the Credit Union's final approval. 3. Applications should be received at least four business days prior to loan due date. Interest will continue to accrue on unpaid balances through skipped payment period. Repayment of the principal balance of the skipped payment will be deferred until a later date.